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Psychotherapy & Counselling in the Heart of the City of London

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    Starting therapy is a milestone in one's personal growth.

    It can be an opportunity to look at life's deepest concerns and distress, the losses, the places where one gets stuck, the unhelpful self-beliefs, the fears and anxiety, or unsatisfactory relationships with others and oneself.

    Psychotherapy can bring about transformation to even the most severe distress.

    You may want to come to therapy for many different reasons. It could be anxiety or depression. There may be feelings that you would like to express and explore in a safe place; a history of trauma, neglect or abuse, problems at work or in the family, loneliness and failure to sustain relationships. It can also be that you feel powerless at dealing with addictions, or that you feel you lack confidence and self-worth, and this impacts on your sense of self and stops you from achieving your goals.

    You may feel your vitality and creativity are inhibited. It might be that you find it difficult to make sense of your emotional experiences and that you feel lost and unable to navigate in social situations. You might take the step to start therapy because you feel that making decisions is difficult, or impossible. It might also be that you find difficult to define who you are, or to express who you might want to become.

    There are no difficulties, experiences, emotions, that are excluded from therapy. It may be that you have had some therapy in the past and it is now time to look again, or maybe you are seeking support for the first time.

    I hold the values of inclusion, respect of difference and confidentiality at the heart of my psychotherapy practice.

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